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Three Ways For A Company To Save On Printer Ink And Refill Kits


When purchasing printer ink for a company, the costs can be substantial. Companies can save on ink and refill kits by following three simple methods. Replacing cartridges or ink does not have to be your main budget item, not when cheaper alternatives are available.

Change Printer Settings

The best way to save money on ink for printers is by using less ink to begin with. All printers, no matter which manufacturer, have economy settings. The exact setting will vary based on the printer. When this setting is used, the printer uses minimal ink to get the job done. Companies using economy print settings use a third less ink or more each year. Users can still print using other settings, but for quick reports or other black and white documents, changing a printer's default print settings will greatly decrease the amount of ink used.

Reward Programs

Companies can save on printer ink and refill kits by signing up for reward programs. Since businesses purchase more ink than the home user, programs are set up to allow companies to recycle. Once you purchase your first set of cartridges or ink, you can send the cartridges back in to be recycled or refilled. Cartridges sent in for refills cost significantly less through these reward programs, and this prevents cartridges from being discarded. If you do not want to refill cartridges, send the cartridges back in for a credit on your account, which can be used to purchase new print cartridges or refills. Many retailers, both online and offline, offer these programs. Retailers use these programs to gain loyal customers, while the company benefits from the savings.


Generics do not apply to just medications. Numerous retailers sell generic printer ink. Generic ink saves a company at least 25 percent on ink costs each year. Depending on the amount you buy at one time, the savings could be much more. Generic refill kits are made from the same ink as the brand name kits, but without the hefty price tag. Every generic printer ink and refill kit has a list of compatible printers so you know exactly which printers can use the ink. Generic inks allow companies to print just as much, if not more, on a single refill or cartridge as their more expensive, brand name counterparts.

Companies can save significantly on their ink costs by researching available discounts, such as reward programs and generic alternatives. Taking a few minutes to change printer settings also reduces a company's ink costs. The time it takes to look for savings on ink for printers takes less than a few hours and can save a company hundreds, if not thousands, each year.