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PrinterInkRefills.com is quickly becoming the Internet's comprehensive online resource for everything related to fax toner, ink cartridges, laser toner and more. We carry the widest selection of fax toner on the Web, plus we have a growing Resources section that is filled with valuable information regarding fax toner, ink cartridges, laser toner and more. Here is an overview of the consumer options regarding fax toner, fax drums, fax ribbon and other fax solutions.

Fax Machine Options

Depending on the brand and model of fax machine, there are a few different options for printing. Fax machines may utilize fax ribbons, fax inkjets or fax toner, with fax toner being discharge by a cassette or fax drum. Fax ribbons utilize an older printing technology, based on typewriters. A fax ribbon is an ink-coated ribbon that slowly advances through a spool until dry. These ribbons print at a lower quality than fax toner printing or fax inkjet printing, but are also less expensive.

Fax inkjets utilize the same technology as an inkjet printer. These are small plastic cartridges which dispense heated ink through a nozzle onto paper. These can be refilled, and are typically less expensive than fax toner.

Most modern fax machines utilize fax toner, which operates under the same technology and principles of laser toner used in laser printers. Fax toner comes in a cassette or cartridge that is filled with a combination of carbon powder and special polymer binders. The powder is thrust upon the page and bound using a heat element within the machine. Fax toner is considered the highest quality printing option available.

Compatible Fax Toner and OEM Fax Toner: Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM fax toner is made by the original maker of the fax machine. That is, Brother fax drums are used in Brother fax machines. Compatible or aftermarket fax toner is made by a third-party company, but compatible with brand name fax machines. Of course, you still have to find the right toner or ink cartridge compatible with your machine. Compatible fax toner may be referred to as "generic" fax toner, but it is of the same quality as brand name toner, and will print just as many pages. PrinterInkRefills.com carries a full line of discount fax toner from manufacturers like IBM, Hewlett Packard (HP), Brother, Epson and more.

Fax Toner Spills, Stains and Safety

Just as with laser toner, you must be extremely careful with fax toner. If it spills on your skin, wash it away with cold water. If you use hot or warm water, it will bind to your skin and stain. You'll then have to wait for it to wear off or use industrial soap to scrub it off your skin. Be sure to brush it off clothing as if you wash it the toner will most definitely stain the clothes permanently.

It is also very important to note that spilled fax toner should NEVER BE VACUUMED with a household vacuum. Why? Well, fax toner is charged with electrostatic current and could ignite the dust particles within a household vacuum cleaner and start a fire. Again, do not vacuum up fax toner with a household vacuum because it could start a fire. Use a special vacuum cleaner that is labeled Electrostatic Discharge Safe (ESD-safe) instead.

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