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More About Gestetner Ink Cartridges

Gestetner has over a century of experience in the duplicating, printing, and copying industry. They have managed to survive through decades of technical advancement, and continue to provide modern printing and copying solutions for many businesses and individuals. Owners of Gestetner machines will want to ensure that they always have enough ink and toner to keep their printers running at their best, and so will at some point be in the market for Gestetner printer ink and Gestetner toner refill kits. They may also be interested in purchasing compatible and re-manufactured cartridges to save money if they need to replace their original cartridge.

Gestetner's business history began in 1881 with the invention of the Automatic Cyclostyle, which was a stencil duplicator that provided quick, automated reproductions, thanks to its rotary and inked rollers. Gestetner machines continued to be developed and sold throughout the 1900s, and though bought by AFP in the 1980s, continued to thrive in the copier business after its acquisition of the Business Systems Division of Nashua Corporation. After merging with two other companies to form NRG, Gestetner gained further momentum in their production of innovative office equipment.

Today, Gestetner offer a wide array of products necessary for running any business. Continuing their focus on printing and copying, they manufacture multifunctional color systems, multifunctional b/w systems, printers, scanners, facsimile, copyprinters, wide format products, and production printers. They also offer software support for their printing products, including network print management and control, and document and information management solutions. Their multifunctional systems are ideal for offices and range in size and function to suit small, medium, and large workgroups. They combine the functions of printing, copying, scanning, and faxing in one powerful and convenient machine.

Gestetner are held in high regard for their printing and copying equipment. Keeping these quality machines functioning at their highest capacity means always having enough ink and toner to refill their cartridges when they begin to run out. Gestetner product owners should also be aware of the option of buying compatible and re-manufactured cartridges to replace their used printer cartridges. This is a cheaper option than buying new Gestetner cartridges, and is a smart way to keep Gestetner products working at their highest capacity. Our website offers a range of Gestetner printer ink and Gestetner toner refill kits specially designed to work with specific Gestetner machines. You can also find competitively priced compatible and re-manufactured cartridges for Gestetner machines. Keeping your printers and copiers working properly means filling them with the right ink, toner, and replacement cartridges. Let us help you keep your Gestetner machines happy by offering you a range of high quality printer replacement products.