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More About Panasonic Ink Cartridges

Panasonic was originally founded in 1918 as Matsushita in Japan. Some of the first products they sold were lamps and bicycles. In 1955 they began to export electronics under the Panasonic brand. The United States division of the company was formed in 1959 as the Matsushita Electric Corporation of America, and in the early 1960s they began selling televisions and other electronics under the Panasonic brand. The American division finally took the Panasonic name in 2005, and the parent company in Japan followed suit in 2008 by officially changing its name to Panasonic Corporation.

Panasonic currently offers a complete line of multifunction inkjet printers as well as multifunction laser printers. Though they appear to be moving exclusively toward laser printers, they still offer complete support for units that use inkjet technology. If you use an inkjet model you'll note that Panasonic printer ink is much less expensive than toner, but as a tradeoff you'll be able to print a greater number of pages with laser printer units. Most all of their units offer convenient features such as networking capabilities and the ability to easily copy documents from a flatbed scanner, an automatic feed scanner, or both. In addition to their printing products Panasonic also manufactures consumables, such as Panasonic printer ink and toner. We carry all of these and more. We even offer compatible products at a reduced price. There is also the attractive option of Panasonic toner refill kits to help your dollar stretch even further. Budget-minded models are available that include a scanner and a printer, while you can also get heavy duty laser printers that allow you to print, scan, and fax from your computer.

Although Panasonic printers offer a wide range of options and features, nearly all of their functionality hinges on having good ink or toner installed. Since Panasonic printer ink for inkjet type models can get expensive and toner even more so, it's important to keep in mind the options represented by compatible cartridges, rebuilt ink or toner units, and even refill kits. Panasonic toner refill kits allow you to extend the value of laser printers even further, since you're able to save money by essentially putting your old cartridge back into service. If you're uncomfortable working with toner, many compatible and rebuilt cartridges are available that will allow you to save money without getting your hands dirty.

Panasonic has been around for over ninety years, and has operated in the United States for over fifty. Over all that time the Panasonic brand has represented quality in electronics. These printers can offer both good service and economy, but maintaining them with compatible and rebuilt ink and toner cartridges can expand that value even further.