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More About Philips Ink Cartridges

A perennial titan of the electronic and technology industries, Philips is a Dutch multinational corporation that lays claim to one of the biggest electronic market-shares in the world. Philips makes a wide variety of electronics including televisions, personal grooming devices, data disks and semiconductors to name just a few. The company also manufactures and distributes a host of printers, accessories and toner refill kits. As of 2009, Philips sales were reportedly above $28 billion. Philips also currently employs a staggering 123,800 people in over 60 different countries.

Founded in 1891 by Gerald Philips, the Netherlands-based Philips Corporation got its start by producing light bulbs. Early in the 20th century, Philips would begin to branch out into other electronic devices such as vacuum tubes and valves. Having become a strong force in the industry, Philips began to acquire subsidiaries that would operate under the Philip's corporate umbrella. In 1939, Philips launched a product they are still well known for today: the Philips Norelco electric razor. The company would continue to flourish through the 20s and 30s even launching several popular Dutch radio stations. After a hiatus caused by the Nazi invasion of the Netherlands, post-war Philips would pick up right where they left off - as progressive leaders of the evolving technological world. The 60s and 70s would see Philips introduce such ground-breaking electronic devices as the first compact cassettes, portable radios and video cassette recorders. Eventually, Philips would alter the tech landscape multiple times over with the introduction of the CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray. Today, Philips has major divisions of its company in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, India, Israel, Mexico and the United States among others.

In addition to the other fingers of Philip's wide tech reach, the company makes several lines of printing devices. This includes the Crystal series, the Faxjet series, the IPF series, the Laser Fax series, the Magic series and the PPF series. Like almost all Philips products, Philips printers are known for their reliability and production quality.

On top of printing devices, Philips also makes Philips printer ink and Philips toner refill kits. Buying refill kits and re-manufactured printer cartridges is a sure-fire way to cut costs while being environmentally conscious. Refilling your own cartridges is easy, quick and much more efficient than buying a brand new printer cartridge. Philips printer ink and Philips toner refill kits are perfect for environmentally conscious and pragmatic printer owners.

As Philips moves out of the 2010s, they will surely maintain their position near the top of the electronics industry. The company has remained innovative and forward-thinking for parts of three centuries, and they will continue to be a trusted provider of quality products and technological systems.