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More About TallyGenicom Ink Cartridges

TallyGenicom is a manufacturer of printing solutions for industrial, commercial, and back-office environments. They specialize in business-class printers, and produce and distribute laser printers, line matrix printers, thermal printers, and more. TallyGenicom have offices in the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, and produce machines ideal for industries such as real estate, healthcare, and warehousing. When TallyGenicom printers run out of ink and toner, smart businesses and individuals often choose to use TallyGenicom printer ink and TallyGenicom toner refill kits to replenish their ink cartridges. Alternatively, they may choose to purchase compatible or re-manufactured cartridges to replace their old cartridges.

TallyGenicom was founded when two companies, Tally and Genicom, merged in 2003. Prior to this, Tally had been manufacturing and distributing industrial and business printers since the company was founded in 1948. Tally and Genicom were both leading manufacturers of printers, and were both innovators in their development of color laser and line matrix printers and parts. In 2009, Printronix acquired TallyGenicom's U.S.-based assets, while DASCOM acquired other important TallyGenicom worldwide distribution rights in the same year. Despite this, TallyGenicom's innovative and high quality printer products continue to be designed and manufactured with the goal of providing flagship products to businesses throughout the world.

TallyGenicom offer a range of laser printers designed to meet the needs of a variety of tasks and working environments. For example, the 9330 Mono Laser Printer is designed for quick, heavy-workload printing, prints at a rate of 45 pages per minute, and is able to produce 200,000 pages per month. The T6200 Line Matrix Printer prints at over 44 pages per minute and features various connectivity options, such as Ethernet, twinax/coax, and IPDS. TallyGenicom's line of serial matrix printers are designed to print reports, multi-part forms, and invoices and are often used in environments such as banks and healthcare facilities. Under the Printronix brand, a variety of thermal printing solutions are also available. These include machines specially designed for bar code and RFID printing.

TallyGenicom's printers are specialized machines and need specialized ink, toner, and cartridges. Businesses and individuals who are looking for alternative, environmentally-friendly, and money-saving ways to replenish their printer supplies should consider using TallyGenicom printer ink and TallyGenicom toner refill kits. Another option is to purchase re-manufactured and compatible cartridges rather than buying brand new cartridges from the manufacturer. Re-manufactured cartridges cost a fraction of the price of brand new cartridges, are produced using recycled cartridge parts, and are therefore good for both the environment and the wallet. Our website offers ink and toner refills, cartridges, and everything businesses and individuals need to keep their TallyGenicom products working happily and producing only the highest quality printed material.