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More About Toshiba Ink Cartridges

Toshiba, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of electronic appliances and devices for homes, businesses, and industries. Toshiba's product lines range from information systems, communication equipment, consumer electronics, and industrial infrastructure. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Toshiba has been in existence since 1939. Toshiba America is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Toshiba, Inc., and is responsible for the marketing and sales of Toshiba products in the United States. With over 160,000 employees world-wide and more than $53 billion in annual sales, Toshiba is the ninth largest manufacturer of electronics in the world today.

Two Japanese manufacturers merged to form Tokyo Shibaura Electric. The nickname "Toshiba" soon developed by combining the first few letters of the two main words of the company's name. It was not until 1978, however, that the company formally changed its name to Toshiba.

As part of its line of consumer products, Toshiba makes printers and scanners for its variety of laptops. As part of its line of business products, Toshiba produces office machines such as copiers, printers, scanners, and fax machines. The company also makes and distributes related supplies for all of its office machines, including Toshiba printer ink and Toshiba toner refill kits.

Toshiba copiers, printers, scanners, and fax machines have a reputation for durability and being user-friendly. Between its consumer and business products, Toshiba can provide an office machine solution for nearly anyone's purpose, from the college student in a dorm to a Fortune 500 company with offices across the globe. Toshiba products are designed for efficiency and cost-effectiveness, regardless of the size and scope of the user's enterprise.

With regular use, Toshiba's digital office machines will need to be resupplied with Toshiba printer ink or Toshiba toner refill kits. These supplies are available directly through Toshiba or one of its authorized dealers. However, another alternative is to order these supplies through our website. For all Toshiba product lines, we have the name-brand printer ink and toner refill kits available online. For many of the Toshiba products, we also have Toshiba-compatible or remanufactured cartridges, which are often priced at a savings compared to the name-brands.

You will find our website to be an easy way to order all of your supplies for Toshiba office machines. Our website is open all day, every day, for your convenience. When you order through our website, your personal or company payment information is completely protected. Most important, we will ship your order of Toshiba printer ink or Toshiba toner refill kits to anywhere in the country, at standard rates.

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