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More About Xerox Ink Cartridges

Xerox Corporation is a Fortune 500 company that specializes in the selling and manufacturing of printers, copiers, printing presses, and printing supplies. Based in Norwalk, Connecticut, Xerox has become a titan of the printing industry since its quaint beginnings in 1906.

Xerox was originally founded under the name "The Haloid Photographic Company" in 1906 in Rochester, New York. The company initially marketed themselves as manufacturers of photographic paper and photographer's equipment. Experiencing modest success, the company changed its name to "Haloid Xerox" by 1958 and then officially "Xerox Corporation" in 1961. Xerox's big breakthrough would come in 1959 when they introduced the Xerox 914, which was the printing world's first plain paper photocopier. The machine used a process called electro-photography, which would later be named xerography. The new photocopier was such an amazing success that the company's revenues jumped to $60 million by 1961 and over $500 million by 1965. In the following years, Xerox would develop desktop copiers and printers as well as the first color copiers. While Xerox focused on improving and updating the world of copiers, the Long Distance Xerography project was ongoing -- the fruits of which would become the modern day fax machine. In 1961 Xerox became traded on the New York Stock Exchange as the symbol (XRX).

Having already achieved incredible amounts of success with their copiers and printers, Xerox began to dabble in computers in the 1970s. They would break ground in the realm of mainframe computers and eventually invented such electronic devices and programs as the mouse, graphical user interface (GUI) and the first applicable personal computer in 1973.

Today, Xerox is back to specializing in the manufacture and sale of production and office equipment, both large and small scale. You can shop here now for the best in quality brand name and remanufactured Xerox printer ink and Xerox toner refill kits.

Having made their initial mark on the industry as innovators and ground breakers, Xerox is now known as having some of the highest quality and most dependable products on the market. In addition to new printer cartridges, it is possible to buy Xerox printer ink and Xerox toner refill kits at a much cheaper price. The advantages of refill and re-manufactured cartridges are twofold: First, the process of refilling is fiscally responsible because it is much cheaper to refill than re-buy. And second, the process of refilling cartridges is much more environmentally friendly. Refills allow cartridges to be reused instead of discarded and re-manufacturing recycles cartridge components.

Xerox and their subsidiaries will continue to forge onward in the development of new print and production technology. Our quality Xerox products are inexpensive, dependable, and readily available to fulfill your every printing need.